field service software, mobile data collection

Mobile Worker Solution
ANT Audit
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MDUK-Audits solution provides a complete Audit solution to manage SHE and Quality Management Audit requirements.
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MDUK-Jobs solution allows dispatch of Jobs and capture of status information using Mobile Phones, Blackberries and PDA’s.
Mobile Inspection Solution
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field service software, mobile data collection

Mobile Data Collection

MDUK-Forms provide a reliable and timely and consistent method of mobile data collection for mobile workers, which provides credibility and accountability for key business information.Question sets can be amended by the client and pulled down seamlessly to the mobile devices.

Field Service Software

The use of the MDUK field service software by mobile workers eliminates the need for large amounts of paper and manual inputting, reducing costly errors and administrative costs. Our mobile data capture solutions are used by a variety of customers, some of which have mobile workers and lone workers out in the field, others utilize it for office based mobile data collection requirements.

As with all MDUK applications, a full set of sophisticated graphical reports may be generated and scheduled for delivery to mailboxes and downloaded directly into management reporting. field service software, mobile data collection

The field service software applications are suitable for a wide variety of mobile data collection requirements including;

Time Sheets
Lone Worker Solutions
Mileage Claims
Inventory Inspections
Asset Inspections
Daily Vehicle Inspections
RTA Investigations
HIP Assessments
RIDDOR Requirements
Traffic Surveys

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Email Alerts
Email Notifications
GPS Location Capture
SMS Alerts
Photo Attachments
Signature Capture
Barcode / RFID tag Scanning
Sketch Tool
Auto-Dial of Phone Numbers
List Based Selections
Remote Over the air installation

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